About Obetech Medical

Obetech Medical is a manufacturer and supplier of PPE and medical diagnostics. 

Our parent company, Obetech Pacific was formed in 1996 as an international chemical trading company. Obetech Pacific is devoted to the distribution of top-quality raw materials and ingredients from reputable manufacturing partners. The headquarters is based in Malaysia with operating offices in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

With this foundation of trusted networks, Obetech Medical was established to focused on the manufacturing and supply of PPE and medical diagnostics.

At Obetech Medical, we source, manufacture and export within an integrated supply chain. With ownership positions and supply contracts in and with manufacturing plants our strength and ability to provide is clear, even in a COVID-19 strained market. 

Beyond our in-house manufacturing, our deep relationships across the PPE supply chain throughout Asia allows our Quality Assurance teams to assess factories that can deliver quality products in a timely fashion, negotiate, procure, undertake quality assurance and secure high-quality finished product in a scarce market. As such, Obetech Medical is able to secure a stable supply of PPE and medical instruments to meet the demands made by our clientele worldwide. 

Obetech Medical is registered with FDA in the US and NHS in the United Kingdom. We strive to deliver exceptional and cost-effective medical supplies to the right user, at the right time, at the right place. 

How can we help you?

1. High-quality medical supplies

Backed by an in-house manufacturing capabilities, international QA standards, and a deep core relationship with a network of suppliers, we source, manufacture and export high-quality, certified finished products to meet your needs.

We are registered with FDA in USA and with NHS in the United Kingdom.

2. Quick response and transparent fulfilment

Our team works tirelessly to monitor all orders and fulfil timely delivery. On-ground inspectors undertake quality assurance and ensure that product requirements are met before it ever leaves our factories.

3. Integrated supply chain

Having been in the raw material supply business for over two decades, we have integrated the supply of critical PPE material with manufacturing capability. Even when the market sees crippling shortfall, we have secure supply to meet rising needs.

4. Global presence

With operating offices in USA, United Kingdom and Australia, our team works closely to ensure our global customer's demands and needs are met timely.

Delivering quality protection one step at a time


Global presence

We have deep working relationship with partners from around the world which enables us to deliver quality products globally

Integrated solutions

Access to multiple channels across the supply chain gives us an added advantage to provide accurate and reliable solutions in a timely manner

Reliable delivery

Our team undertakes quality assurance seriously and works tirelessly to ensure that product requirements and delivery are fulfilled on-time

Help us help you

Get in touch with us, tell us what you need and we’ll attend to your requests within 24hrs or less.